Our Process

As President, Meryl Deutsch oversees all creative activities of the firm, project budgets, space plans, time and critical path schedules and design themes. All designers report directly to her and she takes direct responsibility for all contractual obligations.

Each project is evaluated to determine the goals of the client. The economic, functional and design feasibility is then thoroughly examined as a team with Meryl’s Senior Designers, all having a minimum of twenty years experience.

Preliminary budgets, designs, critical path time schedules and space plans resulting from the team effort are then conveyed to the client for input, moving the project forward to a final budget, plan, and design.

Extensive purchasing power, and strong relationships with manufacturers and vendors, enables the firm to provide the best values for every dollar expended by the client.

Client approved Purchase Orders are monitored to verify conformity with specified plans, materials and standards and to assure delivery in time for scheduled completion.

The hallmark of the firm is ON TIME AND WITHIN BUDGET.